SuperCat 50 pictured with rowing kit

SuperCat Pontoon – The next generation in watercraft.  The SuperCat inflatable pontoon boat is an extremely stable, incredibly light weight yet durable and versatile pontoon style kick/row boat for fresh water or saltwater still water fishing.  It truly is the “next generation” of packable fishing craft for fishermen.  It is a step above all float tubes, belly boats and single person fishing craft and has proven to be far more durable than the rest.  A true testament to that last claim was an incident a few years back up in the Mammoth Lakes area.  While gearing up to float tube Lake Mary, a black bear sow and her 2 cubs attacked my SuperCat in hopes of getting to my P & J sandwich that was stored in the nylon pocket behind the backrest of the seat.  The sow’s hind paw claws never penetrated the SuperCat pontoons as she maneuvered for leverage trying to pry off the nylon bag behind the SuperCat chair.  The claws made that “fingernails on a chalkboard” sound but never punctured the pontoon material.  So I can add that my SuperCat is pretty much bear resistant!

The SuperCat 50 and SuperCat 60 are both on sale for $725.00!


Bear checking out the SuperCat!  Where is that yummy P&J sandwich?


Two Bears trying to commandeer a SuperCat
SuperCats are tough!  It took the sow 20 minutes to chew through the nylon pouch.