ERS4 Bodyboard Fins are the latest version of the old Redley Fins from Brazil.  Every detail from the Redleys that  made them the #1 selling bodyboard fin in the world is present and then some.  The 662 Board Shop folks have added a new non-slip feature to the bottoms that help grip when walking over slimy reefs.  Retail prices for the ERS4 ($59.99) remain almost the same as the Redleys were back in 2000.  Talk about a working time capsule!  There are some changes in the color scheme as to the stiffness of the blade.  The old Redleys were defined by how stiff the blades were by color.  Not so now.  662 Board Shop has the new ERS4 fins all with a medium stiff blade regardless of the colors.  We have solid colors of orange, black and red.  Two toned colors of Black/blue, black/yellow, black/orange along with three toned colors of red/white/blue and green/yellow/red.  Like the Redleys the ERS4 are buoyant, salt water floating.