Big Sur Styles Guide Service

The 2020 Fishing season opens in a few weeks.  Saturday April 25 is the opener.  Buy your CA. 2020 fishing license and contact me for open guide dates.  Big Sur Styles Guide Service will be taking clients into the northern Big Sur range for still water and small stream fly fishing.  Still water fishing on opening day will be done from float tubes in a remote area off of Carmel Valley Rd..  Getting there from the parking lot requires a half mile hike into rugged terrain.  We target rainbows and browns using sinking lines and a combination of streamers and wooly buggers, .  Other fresh water opportunities will be at San Luis Reservoir and the O’Neill Forebay for striped bass, again using float tubes as platforms.  Unlike Big Sur, striper fishing allows us to drive right up to the water’s edge to launch our float tubes.  On all the trips , regardless of the destinations, please dress appropriately, bring sunscreen, polarized sun glasses and plenty of fresh water.  I will provide a list of essentials upon booking.  Big Sur Styles also provides all the gear needed for a successful day on the water.